Featured Store of the Month

I would like to introduce you to our Store of the Month, for August – Biohackerdan – – http://www.biohackerdan.co.uk/  which is the concept and vision of Dan Sadler.  Dan is already a very busy man, he teaches, plays in a steel band, and runs his own business as well, but Dan had been harboring ambitions of one day having his own clothing range.  In his own words though, he hadn’t yet made the right connections and didn’t have the tools to be able to bring that dream to a reality.  Then that all changed just a few short months ago.

Dan had heard about the merchandising on demand service from MyClubStuff and following a couple of discussions between us to understand what was possible, he realised that this could be just the set up that he needed.    Having a service that managed and processed the orders, meant that Dan could still concentrate on his other activities and the business he runs, showing people how to activate their body cells to work as they should.

Knowing that there wasn’t a need to have to buy stock up front was an attractive proposition too, not only because with the items being made to order, it meant that there would be no overstock and therefore no wastage, but also because Dan recognized that meant he would be able to offer a wider range of products too, without any risk.

Most important of all to Dan though, was the quality of the clothing.   Dan believed that he had the right marketplace to sell clothing with his designs, but the quality had to be right.  He knew exactly what he wanted because it was clothing that he wanted to be wearing himself too.  So, it had to be the right clothes, with the right look and the right quality.  Dan had already been working on the design, so all he had to do then was pick out the products he wanted his designs to be printed on.  Once Dan had decided what his clothing range would be, we received the artwork for the designs and set about creating the Biohackerdan clothing range. 

With our set up we don’t need to hang around for photo shoots and clothing models though, because the products are created digitally and with mock ups, so a store can be created quickly and customers can see what they are buying in the store front.

When Dan launched his store, we knew from the enthusiastic number of orders placed almost immediately, that the Biohackerdan range was a hit and just what his followers had been waiting for.

We recently asked Dan for some feedback and the first thing he said was that he cannot imagine not having his own clothing store and plans to own at least one of everything from the store, for himself.

Wherever possible we do like to follow our storeowners, social media channels and we are delighted when we see the great feedback that Dan gets from his customers, when they receive their Biohackerdan orders.  Dan’s customers send him plenty of pictures of themselves wearing their favourite and here are just a few of them.

If you would like to talk to us about having your own store for your business, band or sports club, then please just get in touch and we will be happy to help. We can set up a Free Trial store for you to try and see your products for yourself too. See our website for more details, click here and get in touch with any question or queries.  Call us on 02825861058,  email office@myclubstuff.net or just complete the contact form on our website too


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