Featured Store of the Month

I would like to introduce you to our Store of the Month, for August – Biohackerdan – – http://www.biohackerdan.co.uk/  which is the concept and vision of Dan Sadler.  Dan is already a very busy man, he teaches, plays in a steel band, and runs his own business as well, but Dan had been harboring ambitions ofContinue reading “Featured Store of the Month”


Boost Your Business With Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship – What is it and why your business should consider doing it If you had thought that sponsorship of a team or athlete was something just for businesses with big marketing budgets, then think again.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost of a sponsorship package, and with just a littleContinue reading “Boost Your Business With Sponsorship Marketing”

Featured Store of The Month

I would like to introduce you to this months featured store, which belongs to a new band, local to us here in Northern Ireland, Walk On Water. I got chatting to one of the members of the band recently, talking about the live music scene, or rather the lack of it at the minute, andContinue reading “Featured Store of The Month”

Never Underestimate the Power of Promotional Products

What do we mean when we use the phrase Promotional Merchandise?  If you are thinking of cheap plastic pens and those sticky logo bugs right now, then you need to read on, because promotional merchandising is so much more than that! The definition, in simple terms, would be this – merchandise that is branded forContinue reading “Never Underestimate the Power of Promotional Products”

The Secret to MyClubStuff and How It All Began

So at last,  it looks like we are finally able to start coming out of this lockdown.  But what things are going to look like, and how they are going to be for a while yet, did get me thinking.  It got me thinking about all the sports clubs, charities and community groups that haveContinue reading “The Secret to MyClubStuff and How It All Began”

What makes Print On Demand such a great business idea?

Have you heard the phrase Print On Demand and wondered what it meant?  Or the term dropshipping and wondered about that too?  If so, then this is a brief explanation of both and how they work together to create a really great business idea. Firstly, a description of Print On Demand – or Print ToContinue reading “What makes Print On Demand such a great business idea?”

The Top 5 Buys For A Club Tour

My pick of the best products to bring with you on a club tour or school trip The end of School term will be here before you know it and for some, that means the annual school trip. For others there could a sports club tour or a Sports camp coming up in the Summer.  WhichContinue reading “The Top 5 Buys For A Club Tour”