Boost Your Business With Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship – What is it and why your business should consider doing it

If you had thought that sponsorship of a team or athlete was something just for businesses with big marketing budgets, then think again.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost of a sponsorship package, and with just a little planning, a business can get a much higher return on their investment by sponsoring, than with more traditional advertising.

Why is it a good idea for your business?

Sponsorship of a sports club, an event, an athlete and even a specific award will develop all sorts of positive feelings that will now be associated with your brand.  It will also boost the awareness of your brand, and if you make sure that you have a sponsorship that fits with your ideal customer or marketplace, then that is exactly where you want your brand to be noticed.

Sponsorship will expand who you can reach too, as your business will now be seen by a whole new audience and will set you apart from your competitors.  If you are a local business, competing against another similar local business, this will give you the edge you need to get noticed, and will certainly help with your community relations.

Benefits of sponsorship for your business

How to use sponsorship to your advantage

We are all familiar with seeing brands and logos on a team’s kit, or a racing car etc. But with just a little planning, your sponsorship can provide you with so much more than that.  Make sure that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities and occasions where your business could be seen.  Even if it is just your logo on a playing kit, make sure you are using all those openings. 

Consider the possibilities when there is a match or a race, and your branding is visible.  Is it on TV, in the papers or on social media?  Wherever the team is showing up, you now have the perfect chance to use that occasion too and to mention it on your own website and social media channels, in your own advertising, marketing and newsletters.  If you have picked a sport or niche that is good for your target audience, then this will also greatly enhance your image and boost goodwill and trust in your brand.

Rather than just agreeing to hand over a sum of money, would it work better if you purchased what was needed instead?  Or can you offer your company services or provide your products in exchange for advertising and sponsorship?  If so, then, then make sure that your brand is being seen, not only by the club members, but by your existing audience as well.  If you supply the coffee, is it being served in branded cups, if you offer your company’s IT services, do you have your name on the website?  If you supply the buses, is there a banner on the bus for each journey?  Get pictures of your brand in action, showing your partnership with the club, race or athlete and then use those images on your own channels too.  These are all ideal occasions to mention your business and the positive contribution it is making.

Another aspect to consider would be to sponsor an actual event for the club or perhaps an annual award.  This gives different opportunities for your business again, as an event sponsor, you could have the opportunity to hand out branded giveaways to the attendees or perhaps the event allows your equipment to be used

Showcases, Sales and Sponsorship

This might involve some negotiation, but have you considered building in other occasions where your business could show up and be seen, as part of your sponsor partnership?  Does the team, club or event also offer you the perfect direct sales opportunity to a wider audience too?  If you supply the coffee for the clubhouse for example, is there an opportunity to have your own stand at outside events, at away matches or race days? 

Is there a possibility for you to be able to showcase your products or services at events?  That will give your business profile a real boost

Know what to expect

As the sponsor make sure that you know what you are receiving in return, what is your package?  What benefits can you expect for being a sponsor?  Have a written agreement of the sponsorship proposal too and work with the club to make sure you both take advantage of what has been agreed

With a sponsorship you now have the ideal opening to tell your business story.  You get to show people what your business values are, what you want to achieve and if they do business with your company, what your potential customers can expect.  So, doesn’t sponsorship now seem a perfect prospect for your business?

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