Never Underestimate the Power of Promotional Products

What do we mean when we use the phrase Promotional Merchandise?  If you are thinking of cheap plastic pens and those sticky logo bugs right now, then you need to read on, because promotional merchandising is so much more than that!

The definition, in simple terms, would be this – merchandise that is branded for a company with their logo or strapline to accentuate a business, product or event.

We sometimes get asked whether promotional merchandise is still relevant and with the ever rising popularity of digital marketing, does it even still work?  I make no apologies for being ever so slightly biased, but honestly, I would have to say an emphatic YES. And here are all the reasons why I think that’s the case.

First of all, let’s look at this:-

 10 reasons why using Promotional Merchandise works

It is less expensive than other forms of advertising, proven to have a much higher ROI (return on investment)

You can target your audience much more specifically and therefore much more effectively

Your message lasts much longer.  For example, a pen with your Brand being used every day, leaves a much longer lasting impression than a TV ad or a radio commercial

Seeing a Brand logo on products, creates trust and loyalty in that brand, both with existing customers and potential, new customers.

  • 76% of people will take the time to research a business, after they receive a branded free gift from them  

Choosing the right product for your customer makes them happy and those feelings of goodwill are transferred to your Brand

Pick the right product and it will show your customer how much you care, in ways that words can’t convey.  It makes your brand relatable and approachable for them.  Increasing that Know,Like,Trust factor, that is so important for a business.

Increasing Brand awareness seems obvious, but the right product will have a positive impact on your Brand reputation too

Promotional Merchandise is attention grabbing and attracts interest in a way that a social media post doesn’t.

It increases customer loyalty.  When a person receives a promotional gift, they will feel much more loyal towards that Brand 

You can be very specific in what you say, with your merchandise.  Add to that the fact that you can also be specific about your target customer too and you will quickly see how your merchandise can be an extremely effective marketing tool

Then we will look at some of the most popular merchandising products and WHY they are popular


Always an extremely popular choice for a business looking for some effective promotion.  When you consider that a pen will likely pass through the hands of 11 people in its useful lifetime, you can see why it’s a good choice

T Shirts

There is no getting away from the fact that people love a t shirt and we know that they will wear it.  That means that you now have a walking advert for your Brand too


Bags have become even more popular since the carrier bag ban and we can never have enough bags. Your branded giveaway is going to be in constant use, with plenty of people seeing your logo. Which is exactly what you are looking for


Still popular gifts to give away at the end of each year, along with diaries.  The reason is really simple  –  they are in use every day of the year.  Your Brand is being looked at, every day of the year

Mugs & Water Bottles

Mugs are still probably one of the most popular and best known, items of promotional merchandise. With water bottles gaining on them though, as the drinking implement of choice.  The fact that they are probably one of the best known, is exactly why they are highly effective.  Everybody has seen a promotional branded mug in use and owns at least 1, I’ll bet.  Think about how many you have seen in your lifetime, and then imagine your logo on it!

There are so many options for promotional merchandise and giveaways, with something to suit every niche, need, budget and event.  You can literally have anything branded with your details.  If you can touch and see it, you can customise it.  Then you have a piece of promotional merchandise 

Things you probably hadn’t thought of as Promotional Merchandise

It’s not just about freebies and giveaways either, you can promote your Brand in so many other ways too. If you want to send a Thank You gift to a customer, that can be branded with your logo too. Here are just a couple of examples – and who wouldn’t love to receive something like this

If you pay for the item yourself, rather than receive it as a gift, is it still promotional merchandise? Okay, so let’s just think about the concert t shirt for a moment too, and all the other band merch available at a concert.  These items are all printed with the slogans and branding for that group/singer and probably have a list of tour dates on them. Their fans buy them at the concerts and then the first thing they will do is to show their new purchase to everybody they know, and wear it or use it as much as possible.  That fan is now promoting and advertising that band and their upcoming tour dates.  With something that they happily bought for themselves.

The most expensive tour t shirt is a 1986 Run DMC t shirt, created in collaboration with Adidas.  Currently valued at nearly £10,000! 

So maybe a wise investment for the future too

What about workwear, uniforms and sportswear, all being worn with a company logo or club crest? And what about the branded merchandise that you are possibly using in your own business, like notepads, signage for your vehicle, business cards, pull up banners and posters.  All of this is merchandise used for advertising and promotion.  Every time you see somebody with a branded polo shirt on for example, that is a piece of merchandise, that is promoting that company

World’s most expensive business card

Then just for a moment, consider all those business and brands you know, that sell their own merchandise.  Like your local gyms, or dance schools, sports clubs, TV characters and so many more.  All branded for that group or business.   When their supporter/member/fan wears it or uses it, it is advertising that brand.  So this is also promotional merchandise.  So many more businesses are able to sell their own branded merchandise now too, with the increasing availability of merchandise on demand.  You can read more about how that works as a business concept in my previous blog on the subject here.  An important point to remember in this situation though, is that it doesn’t even have to have your logo on, to be about your brand

The last point I want to make about promotional merchandise, whether you are giving it as a thank you gift, a freebie giveaway or whether it is going to be merchandise available for sale, think about what it us that you want your brand to stand for and what your customers would want to use.

You are creating an experience for your customers that is going to be linked to your brand, so make it a memorable one for them and your brand will be remembered  

Branded Gumball Machine

If you would like to talk to us about your own branded merchandise or selling your merch using the Supply On Demand concept, feel free to contact us. You can see our website for more details, click here and get in touch with any question or queries.  Call us on 02825861058,  email or just complete the contact form on our website too


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