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Our theme for April is fundraising, so I wanted to make a feature of the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast. I’d like to tell you a little more about them and how they use their online store as a valuable fundraising tool.

The Oh Yeah Centre is a charity and social enterprise, making it their mission to ‘combine the verve and resourcefulness of the music industry with a programme of social value’. Constituted in 2007, it was a vision born in 2005 from a conversation between Stuart Bailie, former CEO, Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol and some dedicated members of Belfast’s music industry. 

The Oh Yeah Music Centre

The Oh Yeah Centre is a valuable resource for music makers and a host campus for music students as well as a dedicated hub for performers.  But more than that, they are supported by, partner with and work on a number of other charitable foundations, trusts and council projects.  With programmes that focus on talent development, industry mentoring, youth development and community outreach, as well as arts and older people projectsmusic industry incubation, and music tourism and heritage

You only need to take a brief look at the Oh Yeah website, here see the number of projects that they are involved with, and to know that fundraising is a vital part of Oh Yeah’s work.  All benefits from their new merch store will be going towards their many charitable projects and activities, as well as towards the running of the Oh Yeah Centre itself.  We know that not having to buy their stock up front and manage that, has been particularly useful to them. None of the hard working Oh Yeah staff have had to take on any additional tasks in managing the online store. We are honoured to be doing it for them.

A small comment from the full testimonial given by Sian Mulholland of the Oh Yeah Centre

The merch store for Oh Yeah, was launched just last week and already looks to be a great success.  The first sale came within an hour of their launch and they have had a steady stream of sales since.  We are delighted that it is proving to be very popular with the centre’s fans and supporters    

Click here to visit the Oh Yeah Store

If you are local to the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast then do please make a visit and take a look around, when it is possible to safely do sooagain

If you would like to talk to us about having your own store for your fundraising the please just get in touch and we will be happy to help. We can set up a Free Trial store for you to try and see your products for yourself too. See our website for more details, click here and get in touch with any question or queries.  Call us on 02825861058,  email office@myclubstuff.net or just complete the contact form on our website too


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