Store of the Month

Introducing Catherine Martin and Women Gone Strong

I would like to introduce you to the very first Store Of the Month feature. The plan is to put a different store owner in the spotlight every month – and Catherine with her Women Gone Strong store, is our very first. 

Catherine Martin

Catherine started her online store, to make a range of clothing available for her clients to buy, but without that adding to her workload. So I’ll tell you a little bit about Catherine, and the Women Gone Strong clothing range.

Firstly, who is Catherine and what is Women Gone Strong? Catherine is a fitness coach and barbells training instructor, teaching ladies in group classes and on a one to one basis. Catherine also has a private facebook group, where you can workout with Catherine from the comfort of your own home, by following along with her live videos.  Then as if that isn’t enough to keep Catherine occupied, she also competes herself – Northern Ireland Weight Lifting, Masters 64kg class, 40-44yrs.  Catherine is top of her weight and age class too. So, as you can imagine Catherine is a very busy lady. – This is Catherine’s facebook page –

There is an obvious benefit to creating your own range of branded workout gear, to enhance your professional image and to increase the visibility of your brand. Selling your own brand of workout clothing is also a great idea for an additional revenue source that compliments your business. I could see when Catherine & I first started discussing setting up her online store, that she wanted to provide good quality workout clothes for her clients. Clothing that they would be comfortable working out in and still look good in too 

Already being very busy with running her classes, Catherine is able to sell her own clothing range for Women Gone Strong, which available for sale all year round, without causing any extra work or stress & hassle for herself. All Catherine had to do was choose a range of products, pick the store set up that best suited what she needed, provide us with the necessary artwork for her logo and leave the rest up to us.

I’m happy to say that the range of clothing that Catherine chose, compliments her Women Gone Strong logo beautifully and thankfully passed the quality test for Catherine’s very exacting standards. Take a look for yourselves –

You can certainly buy your brand clothing in bulk and deal with your own orders, but our supply to order arrangement works for Catherine because we receive the order placed by a Women Gone Strong customer, we process it and then send the completed order, directly to them. Catherine doesn’t have to spend any of her precious time dealing with orders placed, handling the suppliers or even dispatching orders to each individual buyer.  MyClubStuff do all of that.  So Catherine is happy to carry on doing what she does best, leaving us to handle that side of the Women Gone Strong brand for her.

I’m happy to see that workout gear has come a long way in the last few years, Now there are so many great styles,  modern technical fabrics and bright colours. So much to choose from and something for everybody.

Women Gone Strong


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