The Top 5 Buys For A Club Tour

My pick of the best products to bring with you on a club tour or school trip

The end of School term will be here before you know it and for some, that means the annual school trip. For others there could a sports club tour or a Sports camp coming up in the Summer.  Which also means, that although it could still be weeks away, there are a dozen different things that currently need to be sorted, sourced, agreed to or discarded.

So does the thought of organising the gear for the trip, on top of everything else, bring you out in a cold sweat? Deciding what you need to take, sourcing it, gathering the money in, checking the order forms, making sure everybody gets the right stuff – I know, it can be a headache.

We’ve supplied a wide range of different tours, camps and school trips over the years, so I am going to share with you my pick, the Top 5 items to take with you.  These items are not only popular with the travellers, but useful to the organisers as well.  This is just my personal order of preference and I’ll tell you why it is too.

Clearly you don’t have to have all of them, or even any of them, these are just ideas.

Personalised Hoodies
  1. Hoodie

I’m kicking off my list with the hoodie, which is almost a standard, but it is a good option, for all sorts of reasons.  First off, it’s a popular keepsake of a trip.  It is also ideal for travelling in, because it can be layered for cooler parts of the journey, can easily be carried when not being worn and can be scrunched up in a bag without doing any damage.

It also works for you, as a group identifier.  You can see your group amongst the crowds and even identify the odd straggler, if needs be.

  1. Travel Bag
Team Sports Bag

There is such a wide range of styles available, you should consider where you are going and how long for, but there will certainly be something that will suit your needs. Having your own bag for the trip is a good idea as it means you have some small control over the amount of luggage that is taken too. With your own tour luggage, you are also going to be able to spot your bags in the bus hold or at the baggage reclaim – anything that helps speed that process up can’t hurt, right?  It’s also another popular keepsake.

  1. Tour Shirt

This is something that is aimed mostly at the sports clubs, as this may also be the playing shirt for their match/matches.  It could be a normal team shirt that has been customised just for the tour, but it could just as easily be a whole new design.  It cannot be under-estimated how popular this will be for the players and supporters – and that is the main reason why it is amongst my top 5.

Personalised Rubgy Club T SHirt
  1. Polo Shirt

Next on my list would be the polo shirt – especially for a club tour again.   I just think it really smartens up the team, travelling to and from the matches.  The polo shirt is another one that acts as an identifier for the group members too.  One tour we handle every year has 2 in their set.  1 polo shirt for the outbound journey and a different colour for the homeward journey – keeping everybody looking smart even after a few days of no laundry!

The obvious alternative to this would be a personalised t-shirt.

Personalised Polo Shirt from My Club Stuff
  1. Jacket

Now this does depend on where your trip is going.  Your destination will decide the exact style of jacket, but it is something I would recommend.  Something lightweight if you are going somewhere warm – you never know when it might rain.  Or a padded thermal jacket, if you are going to find yourself at the top of a mountain. 

Whatever your needs, there will be a jacket to suit.  This is another practical recommendation, because this is another small way of making sure that everybody is bringing the right gear with them.

So that’s it, that is my Top 5. These are based purely on my personal preferences, years of supplying tours and seeing what’s still being in use after the tour, making them good value for money too!

Let me know what you think and tell us your own favourites too

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