Welcome to the Blog for MyClubStuff

Hi, I am delighted to be able to welcome you to the start of our blogging journey, here at MyClubStuff. I have been wanting to start a Blog for a while now, but due to some boring technical stuff on the website, it hasn’t been possible to host a blog section. But that’s all sorted now ( obviously, because here we are) and I am looking forward to how this is all going to work out now.

I don’t intend to make this a long post, just a short introduction to me and the sort of things I am probably going to include in a blog. First of all though, I should point out that I am not a writer and I will not be employing the services of a writer either. For good or for bad then, this is all going to be me, I hope you enjoy it!

So, I’m Marie and I run the family business, MyClubStuff along with my husband Tony. I’m sure there will be some personal bits & pieces mentioned along the way and you will learn more about us, our family, stuff we do and all that sort of thing, as we go on. But my main intention for starting this blog is to have a place to talk more about the wider subject of what we do within our business, what it means, what it involves and how it might help you in yours too.

I always have a bit of a dilemma to decide the right terminology for what we do too! To say we are printers isn’t anywhere near a wide enough description because we do much more than just printing. When I say promotional merchandise supplier, I’m not sure a lot of people appreciate all the things that involves either. Then if I say business branded or logo branded merchandise, people tend to think only of that, a logo, and we do much more than that too. So I guess that is another reason for having a blog, so I can talk in much a much wider way about the type of products that we work with, why they are worth knowing about and again, how they will help. Then when you add in the phrase Print On Demand, then that adds a completely new layer to the conversation – more on that too!

When I talk to people and introduce the business, I say that if it can be personalised, branded or have a logo on it, then we can supply it. You can get everything you need all in one place too. That saves a lot of time for our clients because they don’t have to chase around finding different suppliers for their different needs, we can provide it all under one roof

Anyway, so much for not making that a long post but I said it was all going to be me and you may as well know now, that I like a chat – and I usually have a lot to say on any given subject. So if you have read this far, thank you, well done and I hope you come back for the next instalment


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